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Libra Love Matches

Libra and Aries love compatibility

There is a powerful initial attraction between these two opposites, for in certain
areas each supplies what the other lacks. Both are fond of of sexual pleasures, but
the Aries probably will try to go too far too quickly. The Libra is inclined to idealize
everything and can lose all illusions. Later Libra will look for someone less
demanding, and Aries will bind someone more adoring. The physical connection is
possible, but only temporarily. The marriage is very rare.

Libra and Taurus love compatibility

This couple shares a love of music and art, but hasn't much else in common.
Taurus is the proprietor by nature and not romantic enough for Libra. Taurus likes
to plan life but Libra will make no such commitment and this can lead to some
violent abuse on both sides. Libra dislikes Taurus's dictatorial ways and quickly
loses patience with Taurus's stodgy attitudes. To boot, Taurus is jealous of Libra's
romantic and fickle nature. They are sexually in tune, so a lot of pleasant games
are possible but not a sound union.

Libra and Gemini love compatibility

These two air signs are well suited intellectually and every other way. It is difficult
for the representatives of both signs to control their passions. If love makes this
world spinning around then this couple gives an initial push for it. This is an ideal
partnership. Both favor similar changes of interests. In the case of this pair, Libra
is the judge and Gemini is the responsive jury in the nuptial courthouse. The
combination's intellectual and artistic interests are compatible. Both sides of the
Gemini nature will be under stood by the Libra. Both of them are passionate and
nobody is too jealous at the same time . They characters have a lot in common ,
and they perfectly understand each other in bedroom. Libra is highly sexed and
their lovemaking will never go lacking. Their sex-life will never be dull. This is a
perfect connection; warm and happy married couple.

Libra and Cancer love compatibility

This pair operates on entirely different levels: Cancer wants love to be emotionally
transcendent, Libra seeks perfect intellectual communion. It is difficult for the Libra
to get on well with a Cancer's changeable temperament. The Cancer for his turn
feels uncertainty and anxiety because of the Libra's attachment. The Libra is
attracted by the Cancer's moods, but he/she prefers to avoid any troubles. Cancer
will have to bring some excitement and glamour into the bedroom and their love
making if he/she would capture and hold Libras attention, as he/she has a roving
eye and will always be looking for greener pastures, sex being the important part
of life to him/her that it is. But if Cancer turns critical, especially about Libra's
extravagance, Libra will start looking elsewhere. The connection is possible. The
marriage is almost unreal.

Libra and Leo love compatibility

Both signs satisfy needs and desires of each other. Leo is more interested in the
strictly physical side of love than Libra, but Leo's style and brio can win Libra over.
Libra is indecisive and Leo will naturally take charge. While Leo is a sensitive
person Libra is more emotional and they are both crazy about sex. All the time
which will be spend in a bedroom, will be continuous celebratory salute for them. In
case there is a collision of characters Libra should concede. It will not make any
difficulty, because of the Libra's ability to cooperate. The Libra's best weapon is a
correct strategy and tact. The hot connection can turn into in a rather warm

Libra and Virgo love compatibility

Virgo lives according to her/his rules while Libra is absolutely different creature.
There are also other discrepancies of characters. Virgo is more interested in
money, than in sex. Libra finds it inexcusable. Stay-at-home Virgo resents Libra's
socialbutterfly instincts and pursuit of pleasure. Libra's tastes are expensive. Virgo
is careful, not to say miserly. Libra finds Virgo fussy, critical, completely inflexible.
Virgo can also be a grumbling and tiresome person with dictatorial propensity.
Libra will not stand it too long and start searching for support somewhere else.
Virgo, is more straight forward about his/her approach to sex and Libra methods of
the "dance" can drive him or her up the wall. This is a doubtful connection and
extremely complicated marriage.

Libra and Libra love compatibility

Both of these people are filled with energy and both are over demanding of one
another which will make this relationship a very exhausting one for the two Libras
involved. They treat each other passionately. They have a lot in common. They
are cheerful, and easy-going. They also love harmony and beauty. But the severe
reality interferes anyway. Neither one nor another wants to realize the facts. Their
biggest problem may be unresolved conflicts, as neither wants to stir the pot when
differences appear. Their life together is likely to be hectic and they will spend
more time with others than they will with each other. The connection can be
interesting while the marriage requires maturity.

Libra and Scorpio love compatibility

Scorpio is too jealous for the careless Libra. His/her well known jealousy does not
let him/her stay calm and wise. The Virgo's carelessness concerning sex results in
a quarrel. These problems can end up by driving Libra into an affair with someone
else who does not make him/her feel restricted in any way. Scorpio is not the
forgiving type and any infidelity will never be forgotten by this sign, and any taking
back after this happens will be to get revenge on Libra for his/her act. Scorpio
should dominate while Libra - submit. There is a strong mutual attraction between
them , but this can lead to an explosion. This is a passionate rough connection
and the marriage is not recomended.

Libra and Sagittarius love compatibility

The people who were born under the Sagittarius' sign is fond of adventures, so
Libra will never be bored with him/her. Sagittarius will remain indifferent to the
Libra's adventures. Charming, clever Libra knows how to appeal to Sagittarius's
intellectual side and easily keeps Sagittarius intrigued. The main problem is that
Sagittarius does not like remaining on one place and aspires to independence. On
contrary, one of the most important things for Libra is a reliable partner. If they
manage to overcome these distinctions, than there is a quite good chance for a
short-term affair as well as for a long-term relations.

Libra and Capricorn love compatibility

Capricorn has a strong sexual interest in the Libra. Libra in her/his part likes the
Capricorn's aspiration to earn money. However, the Libra's propensity for laziness
irritates the Capricorn who got used to work without a rest. As a result the Libra will
be dissatisfied by a Capricorn's sober practicality. The Capricorn wouldn't like
Libra's constant attempts to be center of everyone's attention. Capricorn will even
bring his/her work to bed, literally, and it will be up to Libra to distract him/her long
enough for sexual relations to take place. A sign such as Libra is not about to put
up with this for very long before greener pastures are sought out. There is too big
personal incompatibility for a successful marriage.

Libra and Aquarius love compatibility

They should suit each other perfectly . Warm, sensual Libra joins with enthusiasm
in Aquarius's erotic fun and games. Also, diplomatic Libra knows must how to get
around Aquarius's quirky stubborn streak. Libra is waiting for a support from the
Aquarius in this life full of adventures. They both like to live in a society and will
participate in public affairs. They have a lot of friends, however they do not forget
their own interests. While there are some aspects of their personalities that will
irritate the other they will find it easier than most signs to compromise. The
opinions of others mean very little to Aquarius he/she cannot understand how
Libra can be wounded by a cruel remark from someone else and will possibly feel
that Libra is being over sensitive. They will be happy together, even without perfect
sex. This is a sensual connection and a good forecast for the conjugal relations.

Libra and Pisces love compatibility

Here there is mutual attraction, but it seldom lasts long as they start off fine, since
both are sentimental and affectionate. In a way they are alike: both want to impose
their romantic visions on reality. Libra can get along will with mast people, but
Pisces is more discriminating, and this is the source of their disagreements.
Nothing makes Libra more miserable then a sulky, complaining Pisces. Finally
Libra will become tired with a Pisces' desire to rely on someone. As for the Pisces
-they can't stand the fact that the Libra has a vast variety of interests. If Libra
becomes quarrelsome, Pisces will plunge into despondency. Does it sound sadly?
Yes, it does.
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