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Sagittarius (♐) is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, which spans the zodiac
between the 240th and 269th degree of celestial longitude. In the Tropical zodiac,
the Sun transits this area of the zodiac from November 23 to December 21 each
year. In Sidereal astrology, the sun currently transits the constellation of
Sagittarius from December 16 to January 14 (approximately).

Sagittarius Mythology

Sagittarius Compatibility

The zodiacal constellation Sagittarius represents the centaur Chiron. Most of the
centaurs were regarded in myth as bestial--they were, after all, half horse.
However, the ancient Greeks had a great deal of respect for the horse, and so
were reluctant to make the centaurs entirely bad. In fact, Chiron was renowned for
his gentleness. He was an excellent archer, musician, and physician, and tutored
the likes of Achilles, Jason, and Hercules.

Chiron, however, was accidentally shot and wounded by Hercules. The arrow,
which had been dipped in the poison of the Lernaean Hydra, inflicted great
suffering on Chiron--so great, in fact, that even the talented physician could not
cure himself. In agony, but as an immortal unable to find release in death, Chiron
instead offered himself as a substitute for Prometheus. The gods had punished
Prometheus for giving fire to man by chaining him to a rock. Each day an eagle
would devour his liver, and each night it would grow back. Jupiter, however, had at
the request of Hercules agreed to release Prometheus if a suitable substitute
could be found. Chiron gave up his immortality and went to Tartarus in place of
Prometheus; in recognition of his goodness, Jupiter placed him in the stars.

From the northern hemisphere, Sagittarius may be seen only in the summer, lying
low in the south. The Milky Way runs through Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Personality Profile

Very optimistic, this astrological sign is always looking on the bright side. You won't
find Sagittarius singing the blues very often, as they are very good at seeing the
silver lining in the clouds! Also highly patriotic, many war heros are born under the
Sagittarius sun sign.

Extremely capable of making you laugh your head off, Sagittarius has a legendary
sense of humor. Richard Pryor, Woody Allen and Dick Van Dyke are all
Sagittarius, and they are but just a few funny folks under this sign. Always the life
of the party you can count on Sagittarius to make your party a hit.

Very honest and caring, you are safe with a Sagittarius. They will never think of
doing dishonest things, and they will not tolorate it around them. A dramatic sense
of honor about them adds mystery and grace to their personality.

The Sagittarius persons are law abiding citizens and are typically very patriotic and
loyal people. They tend to be generous in nature, energetic but can also become
combative. They are conservative in their ideals and characteristically demonstrate
self control and the ability to direct others. Their character purports them as being
trustworthy, honest, very frank but also sincere. Their disposition is one of
generosity and kindness and very tactful in most matters. On occasion they will
demonstrate a hair-trigger temper but usually are over it quickly and typically aren’
t prone to hold grudges.
Sagittarius Health Concerns

Sagittarians think of life on a large scale. This is demonstrated through the words
they choose, the deeds they do or their eating habits. They love adventure and
excitement but have a real fear of sickness making them bid ridden.

Sagittarians have a tendency to be very restless which causes them to expend
enormous amounts of their reserve energy which drags down their immune system
making them more apt to become immobile which is terribly frightening to them.

They are many time their own worst enemies making jest of any personal ailments
and worries all the while being concerned their luck may run out. To avoid the
possibility of over indulging in eating or drinking or other self-destructive life styles,
it is important that they temper their high energy level with lost of rest and

Sagittarians Can Be Very Moody

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. Although they demonstrate good
reasoning, judgment and perception in most matters, when it comes to their own
personal life they tend to err creating much emotional distress for them, this comes
out in the form of extreme moodiness.

Sagittarians Are Often Looked Up To

Sagittarians are often looked up to because they may posses dynamic
personalities, are interesting to be around and extremely likeable, they just
naturally seem to command admiration and respect.
Here Are Some Interesting Sagittarius Facts:

Ruling planet is Jupiter
Purple is the primary color
Birthstones are topaz, amethyst or turquoise
Lucky day is Thursday
Lucky number is nine
Lucky colors are turquoise and blue
best location for success is the great outdoors
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December Birthstone
Birthstone Turquoise
Birthstone Topaz

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