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Aquarius (♒) (Greek: Ύδροχόος, "Hudrokhoös", Latin: "Aquārius", Chinese: "宝瓶
座") is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the
constellation Aquarius. It spans the Zodiac between the 300th and 329th degree of
celestial longitude. In astrology, Aquarius is considered a masculine, positive
(extrovert) sign. It is also considered an air sign and is one of four fixed signs.
Aquarius has been traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn, and, since its
discovery, Uranus has been considered a modern co-ruler of this sign. "Exalting"
planets are either Mars and/or Neptune, while the "fall" planets are Mercury and/or
Venus.[citation needed]

In Western conceptions of astrology an individual born under this Sun sign is
known as an Aquarian. Although the astrological sign of Aquarius may begin as
early as January 19 in some years, the Sun typically leaves Capricorn and enters
Aquarius on the cusp day January 20th. The Sun is in Aquarius under the tropical
zodiac from approximately then to February 17.  Under the Sidereal Zodiac, the
Sun is in the astrological sign of Aquarius from February 12th to 14th and leaves
between March 8th and 10th, depending on leap year. According to Hindu
Astrology, which uses the Sidereal Zodiac, one can be an Aquarius at any time of
year, as the defining factor of personality is interpreted from the Zodiac sign rising
on the Eastern Horizon at the specific time of birth, rather than the astronomical
transit of the Sun.

Aquarius Mythology

Aquarius is sometimes identified with Ganymede, a beautiful youth in Greek
mythology with whom Zeus fell in love and, in the disguise of an eagle
(represented by the constellation Aquila), carried off to Olympus to be "cup-
bearer" to the gods. Aquarius has also been identified as the pourer of the waters
that flooded the Earth in the ancient Greek version of the Great Flood myth. As
such, the constellation Eridanus the river is sometimes identified as a river being
poured by Aquarius.

Aquarius Positive Traits

Very independent in their thinking, friendly by nature, original and creative
thinking, friendly humanitarians who are typically rational, loyal and idealistic. They
tend to be very willing and highly inventive.
Aquarius Negative Traits

Being somewhat rebellious and eccentric they can be unpredictable and contrary
in their actions. Signs of lack of tact, stubbornness, contrariness expose them as
being emotionally oblivious.
Aquarius Personality Profile

The Aquarius person tends to be hard to define in personality as it frequently
changes. One moment an Aquarian is expressive, interesting and active and can
unexplainably become very moody and uncaring. Their serious side tends to stir to

Aquarians, when you meet them seem to be remarkable people. They display
good manners. Their charming and tend to make an overall good impression
however they can also become very obstinate and self-willed.

They tend to have a great sense of adventure about them.

Aquarians tend be extremely sensitive and therefore get their feelings hurt a lot.
They may show a temper ranging from hurt feelings to extreme anger although this
is usually short lived.

You might say that dependent upon immediate circumstances, they are over
reactive regarding temperament.
Aquarius Health Concerns

This Zodiac sign tends to have an overall propensity for good health. They have
strong constitutions but must be ever vigilant in guarding against their very
emotional nervous system.

They need to guard against poor eating habits and excesses of all kinds. It is
important that Aquarians learn early on what tends to work for them in their diet.

It is paramount that Aquarians exercise to maintain a strong fitness level. Since this
sign rules the ankles and calves, a good exercise regimen can help avoid
weakness in these areas. Aquarians are fond of sports and conditioning needs to
be a routine, not an occasional happenstance.
Aquarians Tend to Display Extraordinary Memories

They display an ability to learn things easily. They tend to be very intuitive and
even though they may forget one’s name, they will remember other details about
those they meet. Internally they are satisfied just being aware of tings they know
are letting it go at that.

Here Are Some Interesting Aquarius Facts:

 Ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn
 Deep Red is primary color
 Birthstone is Garnet
 Lucky day is Wednesday
 Lucky numbers are 8 and 4
 Lucky colors are pastel blue and green
 Best location for success is large cities
The Aquarius Sun Sign – Zodiac Sign Information

The constellation Aquarius represents the eleventh Zodiac sign. According to
Greek mythology, various myths are associated with Aquarius such as the
Egyptian God Hapi whose water jugs poured into the Nile. The Greek mythology is
linked with Prometheus who stole fire from Zeus to perpetuate enlightenment.
Uranus was slain then castrated by his son Cronus after being locked up in the

One of the most friendliest people you will find, The Aquarius sun sign is the one
you can count on to stand by your side and comfort you when you are feeling blue.
They are good listeners, and care deeply for their friends. To people they are not
close to however, they can be somewhat detached.

These are lively people, very inventive and enjoy being original. Aquarians always
seem :out of step" with the rest of the world, this is due to their ever striving to be
different. Anything goes with them, and sometimes they can be considered quite
eccentric. Funny thing is aquarians are happy to be eccentric! Although it can be
somewhat difficult to get close to aquarius, this sign is know as "fixed" so that
means if you do succeed in getting close, they will be loyal and faithful.
Aquarius can be unpredictable

The aquarius personality tends to be chaotic and unpredictable, sometimes
stubborn and rebellious even to the extremes of cranky and perverse. (this are
rare negative traits). This sign, a person that is totally dedicated to being
unconventional, tends to remain in a rigid unrecognizable pattern when conducting
their daily life. Aquarius is also a zodiac sign that can become detached to the
point of coldness, making it hard for us ordinary "mortals" to understand them.
Aquarius people tend to not really care what others think of them, or the world for
that matter. This is a sun sign that likes to live (sometimes) in isolation.
Aquarius people are often humanitarians

Aquarian's personality can be (as mentioned above) detached and impersonal, but
aquarians also have a deep concern over the well being of others. A progressive
reformer, this sign has lots of humanitarian ideals, but these can seem vague,
causing them to earn a reputation for keeping their heads in the clouds.

You can also count on this astrological sign to be loyal and trust worthy. Very
seldom if ever, will they give into temptations that would betray a loved one. The
aquarius sun sign is true blue and loyal. They are one of the first to sign up to
server their country, and will give their lives defending her.

They can be counted on to come up with original ideas. They make good
designers and inventors as well as musicians. These intellectuals excel in the arts
as well as the technical trades.
The Aquarius Child

Aquarius children tend to be shy and laid back. A sharp contrast to their adult
counterparts. The enjoy being alone sometimes to an extreme degree, they tend
to be withdrawn and isolated. They are full of affection, with a loving and kind
disposition. They are usually obedient to loved ones, and will give in for the sake
of peace and harmony. Aquarius, being an intellectual sign, means these children
have active minds. They can be persistent and quite helpful at times when they are
needed the most.

The most negative thing about the Aquarius child is probably their tendency to
worry. It is advised to keep them away from worrisome adults, as these people will
cause them to worry more, and might set a bad example.

Prone sometimes to poor blood circulation, the aquarius child needs an orderly life
to avoid this and other illnesses. The best thing for them is harmonious
surroundings. Aquarius children are also prone to these illnesses: Blood
poisoning, anemia, nervous disorders, swollen ankles and various other nerve
related illnesses.
Here are some interesting Aquarius facts:

Ruling planet is URANUS
TURQUOISE is the primary color
Birthstone is Garnet or Amethyst
Lucky numbers are 8 and 4
Lucky colors are Blue and Green in pastel shades
Best places for success are bust places and large cities
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